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Hyangla Coins 

Get rewarded with Hyangla Coins every time you shop as a registered member of Hyangla you'll earn Hyangla Coins on every purchase. Every 1 Hyangla Coin is worth Nrs1.

Tired of websites that don’t provide enough benefits? Looking for new ways to save big on your next purchase? Hyangla Coins can help you! www.hyangla.com.np one of the Nepal’s largest online shopping sites, has products sold by thousands of shops, with one big difference. Our rewards program with Hyangla Coins, you will be rewarded for every product you buy. This is how it works, let’s say you find beautiful watch for 2000 Rupee, and simply register for free at www.hyangla.com.np before ordering. And you will receive Hyangla coins, which is 1 Hyangla coins equals to Rs1, You can combine all the Hyangla coins for different purchases you make and use them to save on future orders.

For example, if you have 2000 Hyangla coins in your account, you can purchase anything price of Rs2000 by redeeming those coins and your purchase won’t cost you a thing. Best of all, even when you pay with Hyangla Coins, you will earn new Hyangla Coins! Shop, save, and reward yourself.  We are www.hyangla.com.np


 How do I earn Hyangla Coins? 

Earned on shopping on www.hyangal.com.np


How many Hyangla coins do I earn?

Hyangla Coins received varies depending on promotion by seller.  


When I can use my Hyangla Coins? 

Can be, used immediately after receiving, Hyangla Coins. 


Do my Hyangla Coins Expire?

Never expired. 


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